from human connection

We are Mesh, a Porto-based creative agency with an ocean view. Founded in 2018 as a response to our obsession with optimising physical human experiences within an ever digital world, we combine the best of both realities down to our core areas: branding, communication, and marketing. We are curious. We find potential in almost anything. We filter and curate. We want to separate the wheat from the chaff. We leverage the products of our distillation to shape elegant, eclectic, and authentic solutions. And we get it done.

Tired of
slow and boring?
You came
to the right place.
  • The Brain
    From Strategy to Transformation

    Branding is our core and all our work stems from a deep understanding of our clients’ personality and of the needs of their customers. But we don’t just create and design brands, we also build and establish them with our full-service transformation process.

  • The Eyes
    From Identity to Personality

    Design is more than what meets the eye. Nevertheless, we craft compelling visuals to support the stories you must tell, no matter how simple or complex the project is. From modular corporate presentations to internal videos, without forgetting annual reports and magazines.

  • The Mouth
    From Content to Stories

    Stories are the most powerful way of communicating. Crafting inspiring and relatable narratives in all suitable channels and media is our bread and butter. If you want, we can go further and integrate these within a complete marketing approach.

  • The Heart
    From Activation to Attraction

    Brands must live next to their audience. We design physical experiences where people can empathise with your brand the same way they connect with each other: meaningfully. Well, at least we did it before COVID-19. For now, we can help you with digital events!

  • The Hands
    From Digital to Experiential

    We build digital experiences from the ground up, bringing emotion to any white screen. Our goal is to amplify the way your brand communicates and delivers its products and services. But we can also help you change how customers perceive you. All with a high ROI focus.

We’re fluent in both languages and that’s what makes us flexible, ready to adapt to any kind of challenge.

If we’re digital natives on the one hand, we’re obsessed with physical experiences on the other.