The funnest car sales are digital, or better, phygital

Auto Sueco Automóveis wanted to integrate the physical with the digital experience of the brand, redesigning their presence to increase lead results. The solution was to revamp the website and run a new social media calendar that would fit the company’s goals.

Do people really need a test-drive? Let’s scroll-drive!

The pages of used and new cars were clearly distinguishable on the new website, making it a user-friendly experience. Also, with the Mesh twist on social media, the client is increasing leads everyday by engaging with potencial customers on a regular basis.

The challenge was not to create an innovative way for a huge player in the automotive industry to connect with its customers. The challenge is to maintain that communication and Mesh delivers just that, in the best way possible.

— José Ruy Sá Ribeiro,

Motion & Voice

Preparing our business for the digital future has been one of the biggest strategic decisions of Auto Sueco Automóveis. We believe that Mesh helped us take steps in the current mobility paradigm, affirming our position in the digital channel of the automotive retail market.

— Nuno Guimarães,

Executive Director



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