Your dream car customiser - or the green version of it.

The electric cars phenomenon has taken the world by storm and the changes extend from end-to-end, taking a huge influence in the buying process. Having this in mind, Auto Sueco Automóveis wanted to cleverly distinguish this exploratory market from the remaining core activity of selling regular automobiles. Mesh took a part in thinking and developing a solution that offered a new customer journey.

Don’t pick a car – choose your tailormade solution

From an ordinary e-commerce customiser, we trace a path where the users define their needs while scrolling down the page to finally be presented with their ideal electric car solution. A light and energy inspired visual identity was powered to resemble a world where electricity is the main keyword. Embedded in the Auto Sueco Automóveis website, it is a complete new experience available as a part of the brand’s main digital presence.

Today, more than ever, it is important to look to the future when we're buying a car. This was a remarkable learning experience opportunity to go deeper into the design for the world of electric cars and it was a project where we wanted to create a more immersive experience for the user.

— Diogo Ferreira,

Digital Art

Mesh presented an innovative and distinctive approach to one of the most challenging trends in the automotive business.

— José Leite Faria,

Nors Ventures Administrator



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