Making corporate magazines relevant again

Following the Exponential Nors Brand Refresh, Nors asked us to update several of their corporate communication tools, from presentations to reports, without forgetting events and internal templates.

But the most critical ask became a project in and of itself: the revamp, copywriting and editorial coordination of their corporate magazine in three different languages.

Sober design, exciting content, clear structure

The previous editions of the Nors Magazine had a coherent, yet confusing approach to content. Published once a year, there was a logic to the magazine, but they lacked a clear narrative that could guide readers along the way. We created a future-proof concept built upon the ethos of the brand refresh while developing an appealing visual identity focused on ensuring the magazine’s concept and the understanding of the brand’s new character.

Mesh created a moving identity that conveys the spirit of an ecosystem where ideas spark, collide, merge, grow and develop.

— Sunamita Cohen,

Creative Director







bilingual editions