Medication at your door, anywhere, anytime.

The Portuguese operations of pharmaceutical delivery in a B2C environment are still too regulated, generating a lot of blockers in the way of getting medicine directly to the client's door. However, OCP Portugal bypassed these issues with the HolOn platform: the customers can order online and can either receive their pharmaceutical products anywhere, or collect them at Holon pharmacies. This innovative solution's digital marketing was powered by our meshy heads.

Clean design, user-friendly purple and a ton of creative social media posts

Preserving the original tone of purple, the personal identity of Holon, we swiped right into a world of opportunities in this brand and website creation, developing an easy-to-use platform. We promoted its use with an extraordinary social media campaign to increase traffic to the solution.

video poster

Together with stakeholders from different departments of the client, we designed a new scalable platform in one week that was aligned with the current visual identity and could be integrated with the existing website. It started with e-commerce capabilities for Click & Collect and Home Delivery of various pharmaceutical products handled by the network of pharmacies. The site launched in two weeks and we added new features every week. After a month, we then developed a new teleconsultation area that offered six types of appointments, from nutrition counseling to dermopharmacy and others.

— Hugo Volz,

Operations Lead



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