Power generators in Africa.
So watt?

The Nors group distributes several diffent product brands, but also develops own brands that are tailored to specific markets. These are fully-fledged businesses that have a life of their own and so deserve an autonomous identity. But how to design something for an audience none of our designers could directly emphatise with?

Sound process, solid talent, satisfying results

Asked to address a completely new market - power generators in Namibia, Botswana and Mozambique - we applied our brand development process to research and experience user needs and the reality of the product being marketed. After several interviews and stakeholder meetings, we were ready to propose alternative routes, which, after approved, allowed us to explore the chosen concept, forge an identity, and deliver the brand assets.

Vesper was a rare creative opportunity to form a refined brand identity for an industry that is filled with bland, predictable and mostly generic executions.

— Robbie Hilado,

Visual Designer

The creation of the visual identity, language and tone of Vesper, Nors’ brand of generators for the energy markets in Namibia, Mozambique and Botswana, was truly a team effort, which resulted in the achievement of all the defined objectives.

— José Albuquerque,

Communication, Brand and Institutional Relations Manager at Nors



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